Onboard equipment

Linehaul, shunting, high-speed locomotives and motor car rolling stock operated on railways equipped with automatic locomotive signaling (ALSN / ALS-EN) or radio link.
Special self-propelled rolling stock of I and II category.
Linehaul, shunting and high-speed locomotives, motor vehicles.
The system is intended to ensure safe motion of track repair vehicles, shunting locomotives, diesel locomotives, measuring laboratories and vehicles for transportation of repair crews.
Motor cars, track machines and other vehicles operated on railways, in metros, industrial zones or protected sites, urban transport.

Track equipment

Unified non-contact advanced code track transmitter is designed to generate digital code (pulse) combinations of ALSN and digital code interlocking signals and monitor transmitter relays of track circuits far ends.
Inductive-and-wire sensor is designed for control of occupancy of a pre-point track section.
Informing the drivers about the time remaining until the closure of the attended or unattended railway crossings.

Stationary equipment

Interval control and safety of trains operated on DC or AC traction railways, autonomous traction railways, sections with centralized power supply of locomotives and rolling stock with pulse regulation of engines, high-speed lines, new and upgraded lines.
Traffic interval control on public and industrial railways.
Safety ensurance on level crossings for road and rail transport.
Reading memory units of ATP systems in service centers, points of reading traffic parameters.

Railway radio systems

Fixed simplex radio.The family of fixed simplex radios is designed for operation in radio communication networks of trains, maintenance crews hot communication networks and station MF and VHF bands communication networks.

The universal double-band fixed/locomotive radio is designed for operation within train, hot repair and station communication networks on railway transport as a locomotive or fixed HF/VHF radio.
They are designed to work in analog and digital radio networks on railway transport as stationary and basic radio stations, as well as as base stations/ DMR repeaters.
Linear fixed dual-band simplex radio for train and maintenance railway MF / VHF radio networks.
Control and monitoring of MF / VHF analogue and digital train and maintenance railway radio networks
The radio (radiomodem) is designed for digital data exchange over a radio channel in a simplex and (or) half-duplex mode.


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